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✱No The fork discount​

  • ✱Cold cuts platter    19€

  • ✱Matured cheeses platter    19€

  • ✱Ribeye for 2,

  • french fries, béarnaise sauce   70€

  • (✱Entrecote for 1 also available 35 € )

Homemade country pâté 12€


Snails cassolette, parsley butter 12€


Foie gras terrine, grape jelly, walnut brioche 15€


Boiled egg, smoked black trompettes and girolles 12€


Meagre fish, Thai broth, nettle, lemongrass and ginger 13€

20€ Fall vegetables and tofu tagine


26€ Today giblets , gravy and mashed potatoes


25€ Pork filet mignon, chorizo sauce and tuberous chervil


25€ Duck breast, roasted parsnip, gastric sauce with kaffir lime


24€ Lacquered octopus with beetroot, eggplant caviar and chinese artichoke

 Matured cheeses 13€


Creamy chocolate eclair for two 22€


Multi-fruit persimmon / pear / fig / quince 12€


Floating island, custard and salty butter caramel 10€


Lison: Tonka bean cream, cigarette biscuit, salted butter caramel, lemon gel 12€

Paleron de veau
Poisson fumé
Duck foie gras
Magret de canard
Soupe de coquillages
Smoked fish
Velouté Dubarry
Home made country pâté